DevOps for Startups

In modern cloud infrastructure, you only pay for what you use. We believe that startups don't need a full-time DevOps hire, allowing you to only pay for what you need.

Primary Services
 Service Provisioning

Full-stack web applications

API services (REST, GraphQL)

Cron jobs


Greenfield provisioning

Performance optimization

Preview environment for every pull request

 Infrastructure as Code

Codify all infrastructure

Refactor + organize existing IaC

 Performance Optimization

CDN and Redis configuration

SQL and DB optimization

Pre-rendering configuration (e.g. SSR, SSG)


Full-stack performance and error monitoring and alerting

Rich user analytics and event tracking


User roles and permissions

Environment isolation

API authentication

 Data Pipelines

ELT setup + management

Database replication

Event queues

 Technology Upgrades

Go serverless

Dockerize services

Migrate data storage solutions

How it Works
Explore opportunities at no cost
Get started
Answer just a few questions
and we will schedule our first call.
Explore opportunities
On our call, we will discuss your company goals, current tech stack (if any), and explore opportunities.
Plan and prioritize
We will produce detailed execution plans for the discussed opportunities, complete with time and cost estimates. This allows you to intelligently prioritize each opportunity.
We will execute on the plans that you select, in close coordination with you and your team(s). If you decide not to execute anything, there is no cost to you!
Recommended Architecture

Explore the Redpoint architecture documentation to get an idea of what we commonly recommend for web applications + services.

However, we always cater to your specific needs and are not dogmatic about anything except delivering work of exceptional quality.


As part of our promise that you pay only for what you need, our pricing is based on the level of skill you need for each piece of work.

All of our detailed work execution plans (see How it Works) include a breakdown of the cost in terms of the number of hours and cost per hour, for which the cost per hour is proportional to the required skill and risk involved.

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